Dating Tips from Dead Painters: The Ultimate Seduction Techniques from Notorious Womanizers

“Be a painter”

Artists get action – it’s just a law of the universe. We all know the stories about artists’ muses and women throwing themselves at guys wielding paintbrushes in a frenzied fit of passion. While it might not be quite that dramatic, there’s definitely something to the stereotype that artists get laid all the time. In a poll conducted in the United Kingdom, working artists and poets reportedly got laid twice as much than other people with regular jobs, according to It’s not entirely baseless, and stereotypes come from some source of truth. Take it from a couple of famous artists in history that have a huge reputation as womanizers. While their lives may have been a little more tumultuous than guys you find today on top online dating sites, they still were in it to win it. Here are a couple historical examples of artists getting their action paintings on.

Renaissance Men

“Michelangelo – a ladies man”

To be a Renaissance man in Italy in the 16th century basically meant you were good at everything – painting, science, and whatever else. Well, they were also good at seduction, because Michelangelo Buonarroti got around. Michelangelo of Sistine Chapel and angel painting fame, he was kind of an intense individual, and also bisexual, but he’s an example of the crazy guy the best women lust after. When he was younger, he hooked up with a wealthy, young noblewoman and then in his later years, he picked up some truly gorgeous women. This was a man who was 90 and still having romantic affairs, and if he were around today, people would probably think he was homeless. This is where the key to Michelangelo’s attraction comes in and how you can use it: he was the eccentric genius. No need to worry about actually being a genius, of course. Most men on dating sites aren’t geniuses, especially not on sites like which is filled with boring guys and hardly any women. This also might be a scam site. Read review and go through the site breakdown. You have to get along to the top online dating site where creativity is appreciated, because once you convince a woman of your eccentric yet intriguing mind, she’s going to want you. You don’t have to paint the Sistine Chapel, but if you can play up the creative genius angle and act eccentric, you also can dress like a bum and be cranky a lot.

Weird Portraits, Hot Ladies

“Pablo Picasso – He knew how to party hard”

Pablo Picasso was the guy you wanted to party with when he was alive. He painted prostitutes and was like a celebrity in his day. He pioneered modern art styles and painted women with blocky heads, and they still loved him. This is a man that had several mistresses, a wife, and then extra flings on the side throughout his life. The key to Picasso’s strength was that he was a good artist, but he also gave off that aura of confidence. He knew he was successful and he could have anybody he wanted, and he also reserved his artistic thoughts for his own time. Men that leave certain parts of themselves inaccessible are even more desirable, because women become curious, and they always want what they can’t have. Play up the mysterious creative type with this one. This isn’t going to work on a dating site where half the users are old guys looking for escorts and no female users, like, but it will on a quality site with legit women. The woman you’re trying to seduce has to have a brain, and be attracted at least to creative types, but once you’ve got her interested, that’s when you pull a Picasso. Seduce herand make sure she knows that she’s not the only one you can have, and then make a big deal out of your creative process. You can also hook up with artists this way. Picasso had a tendency to meet young, female artists and then suddenly they’d be sleeping together. This happened a lot.

Either way, if you present yourself as an artist with a mysterious, creative need for solitude outside your raucous lifestyle on top online dating sites, women are going to be intent on getting inside your head.

Paint A Mural, Get Laid

“Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo”

Diego Rivera was a Mexican painter at the beginning of the 20th century who became famous for doing murals, and being married to Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo was pretty hot, too, even though she had a unibrow, but Diego got around. He’s a perfect example of a guy who just oozed sex appeal, even though he wasn’t actually that good looking. He was also bohemian, and that type of scene is always conducive to getting it on. Our friend Diego had tons of affairs throughout his lifetime, and it was total charisma and the fact that he was a passionate artist that got him all those women. This was a man who was slightly overweight, had a double chin, and looked like he could be a mob boss. None of that mattered whatsoever. In his case, his fiery personality got him laid and overrode any other characteristic. Another thing about artists is that half the time, their appearance really doesn’t matter, because they become figures who are built up by their artwork, friends, and personality. Some of the most famous men in history who were famous for art were pretty ugly. In fact, the ones who were actually heterosexual consistently looked pretty weird, but because they were talented, intriguing, and charismatic, they got ladies. Diego got so many ladies in his lifetime, his womanizing became one of the primary characteristic he’s known for, after his art. He and Frida’s marriage was pretty insane. She had lesbian affairs and he slept with her sister. If you really want a wild ride, make like Diego, have a raucous discussion, and have it all go down in a giant, bohemian party that may or may not turn into an orgy.

Splattering Seduction

Jackson Pollock is one of the most famous American Abstract Expressionists artists of the 20th century. He was one of the pioneers of action painting, or spatter paintings as they’re frequently called, and he was another man who was notorious for the number of affairs he had and womanizing. Jackson was the typical portrayal of a tortured artist, battling with alcoholism, smoking, and painting giant, crazy canvases that were revolutionary at the time. The allure of an artist like Jackson Pollock is the fact that he’s tortured and consumed by his art, and also, his personality. If you have a big personality and you’re preoccupied with your own thoughts, women are interested. We don’t know why, exactly. It’s a mysterious scenario that deserves research funding. If you’re somehow a tortured, creative genius, though, women want to sleep with you. Jackson was another guy who was married to a painter, Lee Krasner, who put up with his antics until his death at a relatively young age. While we don’t recommend excessive, hard drinking and chain smoking, we will say that taking a page from Jackson’s unintentional romance playbook isn’t a bad idea. Playing the part of a semi-tortured, brooding artist of some kind can be extremely effective in getting women interested. Not only does it make you an intriguing figure, but your indifference makes them want you even more.

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The 5 Best Weather Apps For Your Summer Vacation

The modern digital world has had people so much engrossed in their electronic devices to ever notice what is going on around them. One of the most commonly used electronic gadgets are the smart phones. A great portion of the populace is more apt to suggest a smart phone as the first hand travel gadget to carry around as they have myriads of great apps to use while on the road. Pertinent to the fun created by the smart phones, some of the apps found in them are integral in planning for your summer vacation in order to derive maximum elation from your summer holidays. Here are the five best weather apps that can help you to plan for your summer vacation prudently:

Free swackett for android: This app shows you the weather using the ‘peeps’. Peeps are the animated characters that are dressed to make a parody of the weather elements. A peep will be directing you on what to do in accordance to the impending weather conditions. A peep dressed in a jacket or having an umbrella will be directing you to do the same as the weather is more likely to be cold or rainy as the day proceeds. This is a fun weather predictor app to carry around as even convectional weather information is availed in the app.

‘Sunsafe’ to keep you safe from sunburns: You wouldn’t want the sun’s ultra violet rays to mess with your skin, right? This app serves you right then. It achieves this functionality by calculating the u.v radiation index in your locality and then offers you the right advices and tips. This is together with working out the safest time to stay exposed to the sun rays as per your skin type. If you dread about sunburns then this is the first app worth having around for your summer vacation.

The 5 Best Apps for Planning your Vacation

The 5 Best Apps for Planning your Vacation

Dark sky finder for ios: The elating thing about summer is the sunlight and you probably won’t allow the dark clouds to shelter it from you. Not with this sky gazing app that will be directing you to many different spots with no cloud covers and sunlight interference all around the world. The app comes with an option of adding more of such locations to expand on the options and help other weather forecasters.

Amazing weather HD for windows: If you looking for an app with clear weather display information, then this app comes in handy. This app has hourly weather updates, weather alerts and warnings together with a stunning and dynamic lock screen that you can customize as per your predilection. These weather features are presented in sharp colors that give a good visual impression.

‘Tip-advisor’ app for your vacation: If you need to plan for your vacation in advance prior the real day then this app can help you in doing that. This app can assist you in locating hotels, restaurants, airlines and any other attractive place worth visiting.

Interior Design Apps

Interior Design Apps

These are some of the best apps that you should consider having for your summer vacation. Most of these apps complement each other as far as their functionalities are concerned and you can have a number of them if not all in your mobile device at the onset of summers.

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3 Ways You Repel Potential Partners Subconsciously

Dating changes when one is looking for a lifetime partner. With a different mindset, you also need to use different strategies and tactics for a new outcome. However, you need to be careful that you do not repel potential partners subconsciously (or otherwise) in the following ways:

1. You Are Cheap

This mostly applies to men. If you ever ask any woman out, dinner should be on you. It shows that you are a proper gentleman. You will also treat her like a proper lady. On subsequent dates, you can split the bill. However, pay everything up on that first date.

You should also start behaving yourself and living within your means. Treat other people the way when you can afford to. Respect them and call them back when you promise to, even if you are in a credit crunch. Be considerate of their feelings and give them the attention they deserve. Dating is not cheap. However, you should be able to do it if you plan your finances well.

2. You Are Passive

Whether you are a man or a woman, you should never be passive. Being passive will repel potential partners. When you invite them for coffee, this shows that you don’t have enough guts to ask them out on a date because you are too scared of rejection.

Passive will not get you far. Instead of saying, ‘we should’, try ‘Would you like’. However, you should also be able to tell the difference between being overly aggressive and being passive.

Repel Potential Partners Subconsciously

Repel Potential Partners Subconsciously

You should also not try too hard. Instead, try being yourself. This sounds simple but it is the naked truth. Anyone will be able to sense whenever you try to impress them with simple things that do not really matter.

People do not really care about your watch, your car or the famous people who have on your phone book. Therefore, you need to cut the act and be yourself. These amateur tactics are great at getting people into bed. However, you can only get the best partner by being yourself. Faking is not sustainable in the long haul.

3. You Are a Big Player

The world is a smaller place than you may think. If you hit on everyone in a circle of friends, your potential partner may start thinking you are a dog or that you are too loose. Guard your reputation with your life. If you are known for having low standards and sleeping with anyone, change this image. Otherwise, good, beautiful, quality women may run away from you.

If you have been cheating, stop it. People who are used to cheating will also repeat this pattern when they get into another relationship. No one ever wants to live with a cheating partner. If the relationship makes your unhappy, have the decency to stop it before you start fishing for other people. In as much as you may be into the challenge of sleeping with someone who has already been taken, change your habits.

Repel Potential Partners Subconsciously

Repel Potential Partners Subconsciously

Finally, ensure you brush up your act. You are in the game alone. Therefore, you should stop behaving like a child. Mature up and be the classy person you wish to attract. Remember, finding the right partner starts with being the perfect partner.

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How To Provide Relief For Menopausal Symptoms

There are many people who are having a hard time coping with menopause symptoms. It is important there to know available relief so that menopausal symptoms will become manageable and easier to bear. Some of the common symptoms that needs to be addressed include headaches and hot flashes. With the right amount of information and the right approach, menopausal symptoms can be easier to bear.

Learn the stages of menopause so you’ll know what to expect

There are usually four stages of menopause namely premenopause, perimenopause, menopause proper and postmenopausal. In premenopause, the periods began to become irregular and this usually happens after 40s. During the perimenopausal stage, hot flushes, vaginal dryness and erraric cycles will usually be experience. This usually occurs on the age of 47. The actual menopause stage is the year where you no longer have periods. That means that you actually have to experience an entire year without period before you can really conclude that you are on menopausal stage. Lastly, the postmenopausal stage refers to the rest of the years after the first menopausal year.

Learn to take care of hot flushes

Menopause: Finding Relief to its Symptoms

Menopause: Finding Relief to its Symptoms

During the perimenopause and the menopausal stage itself, you will probably experience hot flushes. This is the reddening and swelling of your face because of the lack of estrogen in the body. Experience hot flushes should not be something to be afraid of because these are actually normal reactions. The hot flushes should last on average of 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes is over, your skin will return to normal. Indeed, skin flushes are something that should not be something that you should fear.

Learn to address osteoporosis

If you are dealing with menopause and its symptoms, you should also be dealing with other medical conditions such as osteoporosis. Once you will undergo menopausal, your bones will gradually degrade. You can cope with this problem by consuming food and drinks that are rich in calcium. Dairy products such as milk and lean meat are rich sources of calcium that is good for your health.

Maintain the vaginal health

Vaginal Health: Infections And The Low-Down On Your 'Lady Flower'

Vaginal Health: Infections And The Low-Down On Your ‘Lady Flower’

Even if you no longer have regular periods, it is still best to maintain proper vaginal health. With the proper vaginal health maintenance, you are preventing yourself from suffering various forms of infection such as bacterial infection. Aside from that, maintaining proper vaginal health is a part of personal hygiene.


Remember that going through menopausal should not be that hard for anyone. Knowing the right approach as well as the right information is the key to have a comfortable menopausal period. Take time to study about the period and the approach listed above to help yourself or a friend go through the menopausal symptoms with ease.

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Polish Off Your Mortgage Faster In Three Ways

Getting ownership to a home presents a great deal of independence and freedom in one’s life. However, all that is an illusion up to when you are done polishing off your mortgage. Below are some of the ways you can do it faster.

Re-Finance to a Shorter Loan

For any loan; the shorter the time of payment the better; and the mortgage is a good example. That is to say, substituting a 30 year mortgage with a 15-year mortgage will help you save a lot of money. Payment of a $200,000 at 15% over 30 years results in a total interest bill of $186,511. However, paying the mortgage over 15 years results in a total interest bill of only $84,685. However, you should put it in mind that shortening a mortgage or a loan implies making bigger payments.

As a general rule, the housing expenses should not be more than a third of the take-home pay. Due to the fact that the fees required for refinancing a mortgage can sum up to thousands, only recouping those expenses can take months or even years. For that reason, ensure that you explore all the closing costs, and if a refinance has still got appeal, gain knowledge of how to negotiate the best deal.

Make Extra Payments

You may probably have received an offer to skip a payment of a loan and was wondering why your lender was acting so nice. The answer is simply they were not because you will still be required to pay the loan in addition to the extra fees and interest. The best thing to do is doing the exact opposite; and that is paying extra.

Pay off your mortgage faster

Pay off your mortgage faster

Mortgage lenders have a popular program they offer to their clients which suggests to them to make bi-weekly payments instead of the monthly ones. Because of the fact that a year has 26 two-week periods, paying every two weeks will result in making 13 monthly payments, thus making one additional monthly payment every year. This can help to shorten a 30-year mortgage to 22 years, and prospectively save thousands of dollars over the loan’s life.

In case you are interested in imitating the results due to making bi-weekly payments, simply add a twelfth of your monthly payments to your payment checks. Just ensure that the extra payments are applied to the principle instead of prepaying future payments.

Round Up

In case the money is too fixed to accelerate the schedule of your payment or squeeze an additional payment every year, it’s still ok. You still have an option of doing something which was taught to you while in grade school; that is rounding off to the nearest whole number. That is if you are meant to pay $954 a month, then you can opt to paying $1000 and rip the benefits of that act later.

'How can I squeeze the most money out of my savings?'

‘How can I squeeze the most money out of my savings?’

As mentioned earlier, ensure that the extra money made to top up the payments to the nearest whole figure is added to the principle; that is where your money makes the largest impression in your debt. Your bank may not do it automatically.

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Starting a business whether it’s small or large is itself a challenge. There are many minute things that one should concentrate on. If one really wishes to succeed in the business then it is necessary to make a proper script and follow it properly. Sometimes it becomes difficult to start and run the business as staring a new business involves a large number of variables. For this reasons one should take care of some aspects while starting a new business.

To gain success in the business, the different ways one can plan the investment. There are guides available that contains information about developing and financing the business properly.

Establishing the small scale business

The first and foremost task is choosing a profitable niche. So it is very important that one should invest the money properly. For this reason it is imperative for the investor to have knowledge about the right place of investment. The main reason for which a large number of business crash is, they always try to make a popular name in the overly crowded and competitive market and have nothing new on their table. So it is necessary for the investors to find the market status of the product before venturing to any of the small business. By this no action can ruin the business in the market.

The second step is to find and be sure that the workforce is perhaps trustworthy and reliable. Regardless of all the fact that whether it is the individuals business or working in tandem along with someone, it is an important duty of selecting hardworking, honest and skilled workers. One needs to invest money and pay them higher than usual so that more and more skilled workers are attracted towards the work.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Raising Capital

The Do’s and Don’ts of Raising Capital

Lastly it is required to be a manager and set the rules of the business. Create proper dress code, rules and management system. One can Increase the efficiency of the work by listening to the views and demands of the workers.

Raising money in small business

An infusion of funds should always be welcome whether you are in the market for weeks months or years. There are various factors that should be taken into consideration from the starting of business to the finance management. Mostly the investor should keep an eye on the products demand in the market and should try to highlight the features so that the public demand for the product is improved.

Finance management in small business

In case of finance management there are a number of steps like cash generation, accountancy, expenditure and reinvestment.

Generation of fund: here the investor needs to have a benchmark of the profit for the business by knowing the state of business in market.

Accountancy: this means the exchange of service product with that to cash, which involves the parking of debt and invoicing.

What You Need to Know About Raising Finance for Your Small Business

What You Need to Know About Raising Finance for Your Small Business

Expenditure of fund: This is the investment or the working capital that the investor uses to finance the project.

Reinvestment: if the business lacks a plan then there is a requirement of effective reinvestment.

Lastly starting a business is a tough work and needs a lot of talent, motivation, discipline and hard work. One needs to have knowledge about market and business rules before entering the business sector. One can even take the advice from some successful business man or investor and gain different ideas.

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